Top 14 benefits of having a website in 2021

Top 14 benefits of having a website in 2021

2021 already started, and after everything that happened in 2020, many people and businesses realized how powerful the internet is, not only for our personal use but as well for their businesses or to advertise themselves.

Having that in consideration, The Builder Hero couldn’t skip this opportunity of helping its readers to come up with good ideas and understand a bit better some of the advantages of starting this digital journey.

But first, here are some interesting statistics that will help you understand the benefits we have selected:

  • VeriSign, a global domain provider, surveyed it’s customers and found out that 84% of their customers believe that a business that has a website has much more credibility than a business that only has social media profiles, and for those who know, trust is essential in the sales process;
  • According to Blue Corona, a US leading marketing company, 70%-80% of people do online research before making a purchasing;
  • Also from Blue Corona studies, it is shown that 53% of the users, abandon a website in the mobile if it takes over 3 seconds to load its first piece of content
  • Now, from WP Forms, a very big plugin in the WordPress community present in over 4 million websites. They say that 55% of people will do an online search for comments, recommendations and reviews before making a purchase, and 47% check if the company has a website.
  • Also from WP Forms, it is shown that websites that have blog content, have over 400% search engine visibility (google, yahoo, etc…) than websites who don’t produce content.

So we got together our top X benefits of having a website in 2021:

Looks Professional and Conveys Trust.

Having a website is important for any business or even if you are just offering a service, especially if you have a well-developed website focused on the area in which you perform. This will not only bring more professionalism but the degree of trust between you and your customer will also increase.

Become a reference in your area.

Become a reference in your area
Become a reference in your area

If you work in a niche industry, a website is a great opportunity to create a great relationship with your readers and get some authority in your field of work.

When you create an informative blog in your website and show some of your experience, people will know that they can trust what they are reading if the content is accurate and potential customers doing researches in related issues are more likely to find you and your expertise in solving things. After all, even if the person reads your blog and doesn’t become a customer, don’t worry, because it is likely that it will share the word regarding this subject and it is a way of free advertisement, besides the good reputation you get.

Another good point still on this topic is that by the end of your post, you can always offer some of the services and solution you provide for the post topic or related topics.

Own your name.

When you create a website and buy a domain name( related to your business, this helps you claiming your business name and it is a great and easy way to grow the identity of your brand.

Plus, you can as well create business emails(, which according to the surveys of VeriSign, 65% of the customer said that emails that have the company brand are more trustworthy then free generic emails. For example, when you choose The Builder Hero to develop your website, you also get these emails according to your plan.

Conquer your digital space.

Conquer your digital space
Conquer your digital space

Once we were exploring the world and conquering the physical spaces where today we live. Well… even though we have gone across all the continents, new ones are now emerging, and they are digital!

We have the continent Google which is the biggest, followed by Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and many others, and in this current age, the focus is conquering keywords because if your website appears in the top places of strong keywords, your space is worth hundreds if not thousands or even millions!

So, focusing in SEOSearch Engine Optimization is of extreme importance for an online business as most people go for the first couple results

If you don’t have a website, SEO is something that is much harder to take advantage of, but can really boost your visibility, especially when you focus on niches and you write blog content.

Turn visitors into customers.

When visitors come to your website, if things are properly displayed in a way that nurtures the needs of your customer, plus helps them acquiring trust, you can eventually turn me into your customers through a contact form, or even through a direct sale, turning your website into a leading sales tool.

Create a mailing database.

Create a mailing database.
Create a mailing database.

When you have a website, you have the benefit of being able to insert a form for your visitors to leave their email and join your mailing list. Your mailing needs to be very well treated with regular emails and relevant content, it is a quick way to build rapport and trust with your visitor and yes, email marketing sells, when it is relevant. Besides, you will have all your contacts well organized.

Studies say that email marketing can be 40 times more powerful in acquiring new customers than social media. If you need help setting up your own email database, get in touch as we have some nice free solutions if your business is just now starting.

Be close to your customers.

Be close to your customers
Be close to your customers

Once a good friend told me the following: ” You know, that it is not in your couch that your life will change? “

Well, that was before 2021 and before the COVID-19 come into the picture, with the lockdowns and restrictions. The use of the internet is growing, and guess what, people are now changing their life’s and the life’s of others from the comfort of their couches!

According to the Internet World Stats, over 63% of the people have today access to the internet, this is almost 5 billion people! This shows the importance of having a website, if people cannot find you online, so far as they know, you do not exist.

Being online means being able to reach people and this includes smartphones. Yes, especially smartphones, since 2018, more users are using the web through their smartphones other than their computers. When making a website for example, The Builder Hero already takes the responsiveness in consideration, allowing your website to work properly in both desktops and mobile.

Make it simple, make it powerful.

Make it simple, make it powerful
Make it simple, make it powerful

When we develop website, we always inform our customers not to make a labyrinth.

The simple reason is that it makes it harder for those accessing it knowing where things are, a simple website sometimes is more powerful and sells more than one full of pages for every single detail. Regardless, when you work with staff and distributors, you need to make well organized section on your website to pass them the correct information in the right way.

Email forms, your contact details and even a chat button is also something that helps your website to have a more professional customer service section. With a chatbot, you can inclusively program semi-automatic answers to take care of the major issues that you visitors might want to ask about, and this would be available for your visitors at any time.

An inform customer is a happy customer!

An inform customer is a happy customer!
An inform customer is a happy customer!

Having your customers informed of what your products/services are is extremely important. The more informed they are, the easier will be for them to know if it is what they want or not and this will save time for everyone, including yourself.

This will help in the process of setting the right boundaries both ways and make well-defined decisions for the development of a digital project. When your customer know what exactly they will get, it is easier for them to take action and you will know as well what you will need to provide.

Try to have your prices visible, this is a decisive factor. Most people, when they don’t see prices, they tend to abstain from taking further action and avoid getting in touch.

Your brand is active 24/7/365

As long as you pay your hosting and domain name, and you don’t let your website go down for whatever reason, you will have an unlimited showroom 24/7, throughout the whole year, how amazing is that?!

You don’t have to worry anymore about hiring a physical place and have limited space and hours that have to obey according to the opening hours of the city or even having someone hired there to stay the whole day. Virtually space is pretty much unlimited and if you need more, the cost is much cheaper then hiring a physical venue, besides, your customers can visit at any time from literally any place, as long as they have an internet connection. A study from United Parcel Service, also known as UPS, showed that in 2013, owner of mobile devices tended to make more purchases during the night, after 9 pm, onwards.

Attract New opportunities

If you business if looking to hire someone or have any other type of similar event, you can always advertise it on a section of your website so that your visitors are aware of the latest updates on the business. If the focus is hiring someone, you might even find someone without having to appeal to expensive headhunters or spending money on job search websites.

Findable on google maps

This one is related to SEO and conquering the Google continent as we talked above. How great would be when someone types the name of your company on google, or something similar and your company/profile appear straight away on the right side of their google search? Quite a powerful tool of advertisement, and it is free, you just need to setup a couple features that Google requires, like Google My Business.

This is something we do quite often for our customers as most of them are not aware on how to do it. Besides, when people are looking for your services locally, your business will appear on Google Maps, how great!

Now, if you have a physical space, great, you just need to index it there, if you don’t have a physical space, you can still appear on the lateral search with all your business info’s and website link.

The Builder Hero Google My Business - The Builder Hero
The Builder Hero Google My Business

Easy referrals

When you are choosing your domain name( make sure it is something simple and short, this will not only make your brand strong but when it comes to get referrals or if you want to refer it to someone, it will be easier not only to spell it, but as well for others to understand it and get into the correct link.

Online Portfolio

An online portfolio can be quite powerful tool as well on displaying the previous amazing work you done, and social proof is another strategy on how to create trust!

So, go on and gather all your nice reviews and past experience and display them on your website, that way you can always have it at hand when you need to display them to your customers.


Title Page 8 1 - The Builder Hero
The Builder Hero – Conclusion

Well, quite some benefits hein?

These and many others can be helpful when you are creating your digital footprint. Don’t worry if you are not managing all of these, they take time to set up and gradually you can get through all of them.

Make sure to organize yourself in order that step by step you satisfy the ones that seem appropriate for your business.

I hope all the 14 benefits listed above can help you and bring you closer to this expanding digital world and if you need further help or advice in your journey, please do comment or get in touch!

It is always good to get some feedback from these articles :).

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