How to find a Website Designer near me?

Have you ever wondered: “How can I find a good website designer near me” ?

Well, the answer is not that complicated because as soon as you make your search on Google, you will find thousands of options for web development around you and not only, but there are certain aspects that are good to take into consideration when the time to hire a service or a professional website designer.

How to find a Website Designer near me?

Website Designer near me or Website Agency near me?

This is a common question that might come up. Should I find a website designer near me or should I find an agency? And, does it have to be near me?

Well… not necessarily needs to be near you, especially in this digital era, but take the following into consideration, a website agency, usually deals with hundreds of customers, so their prices sometimes might seem more attractive but there are some downsides (it really depends from agency to agency) but in general when an agency deals with many websites, there are certain aspects that cannot be as well met as a website designer can, like the support on 1 to 1. Inclusively I had customers coming over to The Builder Hero because they were missing that connection between who developed their website and improvements that they wanted, timelines, etc…

While Website designers usually pay more attention to details and provide better support as it is the way to fight the giants that already dominate the market. Now, let’s talk also disadvantages right? Because you need the full spectrum to understand and make the best choice possible.

Website Designers, usually make more detailed websites according to the customer’s needs, but sometimes there are some limitations regarding services because an agency has much more employees to take care of certain tasks and services, while a “website designer near me” will tell you who to hire to get some of these separate services. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you take good care of your business or you’re starting it is a good way to be in control and aware of what is happening.

But if you already have a big business and don’t have the time or you don’t have someone of trust to delegate these types of tasks, a website agency might do the job, not as detailed, but with a bit of luck, they will do what you need.

So this mean if I’m a medium, small company or even just self-employed the “Website Designer near me” is the best option?

Well, most likely yes, but you need to see what are your needs and how the Agency or Designer deals with those. Read the reviews, they are important social proof; get in touch with other customers and get information about the strengths and weaknesses of the services you are hiring. And mostly, make sure you have a plan on what are the end results that you want from your website.

Cool, and what else should I be aware about?

Make sure the pricings are affordable for what you want to develop;

When you start your project, be always aware that extra needs might appear and some might not be included in the initial scope, agencies are more likely to charge you extra for these demands as they normally have strict protocols they have to follow, while website designers might be more flexible in order to make the customer happy, this is especially important when the website designer is starting as every good review counts;

Be aware that the more you pay, the more attention businesses give to you as a customer

Agencies usually work a lot in this models because they want a good customer portfolio, they want to grow their business, if the customer asks too much and wants to pay little, (some) companies will make internal notes about you for internal reference but you might feel when dealing with you, because it won’t matter for them losing one or 2 customers, they rather focus on those who bring more revenue with less effort; While website designers (mostly) will always give extra attention to make sure the customer is happy!

See if they have plans!

This is important!!! Why? Because the digital era is not stagnant, if you make a website today, it might last up to around 5 years or less. Basically because as technologies keep improving, some techniques and softwares are discontinued and if your website was made and no technical support is provided, quickly errors and other types of problems might appear. It’s the job of either the designer or of the agency to keep your website up to date, working, and safe!

So if you just bought a website, make sure you get technical support along the way to make it last for as long as possible. For example, in The Builder Hero, we do websites as projects but we mostly advertise our plans because of the need of having a working website. So pay attention to this when getting your website, besides the benefits that usually come with a monthly plan tend to be way better than buying a one-time payment website, because more value will be given and the price will also be diluted in different parcels.


“Website Designer near me” doesn’t exactly need to be near you nowadays as we have skype, zoom, and other tools that save you time on transport and can bring the best professionals next to you;

Agencies can be better if you don’t have that much time to pay attention to the website or details and you want something cheap like you have Wix, which they develop the website for you or they give you a builder and you build it to your taste;

Websites are not forever, they come with an expiry date, make sure you keep in touch with the developer and if they have a plan that includes support, it’s good to have a guarantee.

Oh well… hope this article helped you in making a better choice on this matter.

Next, check our plans, we might be the “website designer near me” you were looking for and we are flexible in helping you get a plan that suits your business like a glove!

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