PRESUPPOSITION 17: Personal responsibility precedes personal empowerment.

Who likes responsabilities? I myself in my younger years used to do everything to avoid them, up to when I realise what I was missing, besides that, avoiding responsabilities can as well damaged those that we care for, but this is more for you then for your dear ones as we are all connected in a way or another.

Every single one of us is responsible (wanting or not) for our thoughts, feelings, action and behaviours (choosing not to behave, it is a behaviour; choosing not to act, it is an action). When we take responsability over these, we create empowerment. We go from the role of victim to the role empowered.

We cannot grow and change in areas of our live in which we have not yet owned. As previously stated, responsavilities breeds empowerement. No one can own our problems for us; once we realize that nearly everything we struggle with is within our power, things change, and if it is not in our power to change things, we can still always change our attitude towards it.

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