PRESUPPOSITION 13: The possibilities we have are restricted only by the strategies and beliefs we have.

This is another favorite of mine, please read the title again!

It is common that we don’t have the most healthy beliefs or strategies in place as our lives progress, in order to reach where we want. This means that those many times we fail, do not reflect our capabilities but instead the strategies and thought processes we had at that specific time. As time goes on, with past experiences we either create self-limiting believes or we understand deeper what happened and we manage to detach ourselves from negative past experiences and actually learn from them, so we achieve better.

We can only manage life, with the resources that are currently available to us. As lessons come, we are able to add more resources to our metaphorical toolkit, this happens as we grow and gain more experience. Just because you weren’t ready to set up a business at thirty doesn’t mean you can’t try again now that you’re in your forties with more knowledge and experience. Your failures don’t define your abilities – they do define how well you were prepared at that specific time.

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