PRESUPPOSITION #9: People make the best choice they can at the time.

Every single one of us has the chance to take many different options every moment of our lives, but people can be very judgmental of those who choose to engage or behave in different ways they would.

A good example is that you may have the chance to make an investment, and for you, that doesn’t have to mean that others who haven’t done it are intelligent. They might simply not have the money to invest or some other reason, but whatever it is, they consider to be the best choice at that specific time in the specific circumstances they are. So don’t project your evaluations on what someone should do according to your understanding and position in life.

17 Presuppositions of NLP – By Kain Ramsay

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #1: Everyone’s paradigm of the world is RIGHT in their eyes.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #2: The response determines the meaning of a communication.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #3: The mind and body operate in tandem with each other.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #4: People respond more to perception than reality itself.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #5: People respond more to their experience than reality.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #6: The map is not the territory.

PRESUPPOSITION #7: Evaluate behavior should in light of the intent behind it.

PRESUPPOSITION #8: Everyone does their best with the resources they have.

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