PRESUPPOSITION #8: Everyone does their best with the resources they have.

The basis of any behavior is a positive intention. People don’t consciously go around harming and sabotaging themselves. Everyone is trying to do the best they can with the current resources they have. Even though we may never really understood certain people’s motives, it is important and more mentally beneficial, assuming that there is an underlying intention influencing the behavior.

Even though a certain behaviour that we considered bad is hard to decipher the good intention behind, there tends to be one. And regardless of that, when people do something, is not because they want to damage anyone, for example a smoker doesn’t wish to harm his body when he is smoking, but he is actually going after something else.

Instead of assuming the worst in people based on their behavior, remain calm, be gentle and understanding, then apply that same empathy to yourself.

17 Presuppositions of NLP – By Kain Ramsay

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #1: Everyone’s paradigm of the world is RIGHT in their eyes.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #2: The response determines the meaning of a communication.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #3: The mind and body operate in tandem with each other.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #4: People respond more to perception than reality itself.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #5: People respond more to their experience than reality.

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #6: The map is not the territory.

PRESUPPOSITION #7: Evaluate behavior should in light of the intent behind it.

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