NLP PRESUPPOSITION #5: People respond more to their experience than reality.

We already talked a bit about this one in the previous presuppositions. Kain Ramsay describes it as the following:

Our experiences inform the assumptions and conclusions we arrive at in life. A teacher who tells a child they aren’t clever enough at mathematics or history may arrive at the assumption that they are unintelligent. This belief subsequently follows the child into adulthood, and they stop learning or engaging in their fields of interest because they believe themselves too unintelligent to venture into the unknown.

Once I was reading a study on how if a kid would lose an arm or leg while in his childhood, after some time, his levels of happiness could reach back to the level from before losing the arm as he would still be able to have fun with the other kids, while if the kid suffers bullying, this can affect him in a much more severe way psychologically throughout the rest of his life. This is a good example on how we responde to experiences and most of it, happens in our minds.

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