NLP PRESUPPOSITION #3: The mind and body operate in tandem with each other.

So, the 3rd presupposition talks about mind & body, as our mind can be extremely powerful and completely change our reality.

Health is a quite complex subject. Even though we have professional that study and know how the body works and are able to prescribe certain medication to treat ailments, our mind can be powerful enough to accept or decline certain medicines, depending on how we feel and on how we want to feel, even though might be an unconscious process.

An example of this is when we feel tired by doing something simple that we don’t enjoy, versus, doing something that requires big effort but we enjoy. I mean, logically, if it involves more effort, we spend more energy, but out minds are able to trick our bodies. So it’s always extremely important to keep a positive mindset as it takes us further than a negative one which wastes energy.

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