NLP PRESUPPOSITION #2: The response determines the meaning of a communication.

PRESUPPOSITION 2: The response determines the meaning of a communication.

This 2nd presupposition is quite interesting, The response determines the meaning of a communication.

It is worthy to pay attention to ourselves, even though the truth may be a bit harsh. Basically, it says that we tend to focus too much on the answer we get from others (external sources), rather than paying attention to the communication that we give, which might have caused the response we got. Our communication is always determined by others, not by us. This means that we can only really measure the weight of our way of communication by analyzing the feedback that others give to us, their reactions.

It is always benefical for us to analyse how we may have influenced the other person response by paying attention to the answer we get back, this because we are not able to control how other people will interpret our communication, what we are able to do is to communicate more effectively to get the answer we want.

The more we learn and practice to clarify and simplify our communication, the better are the chances of ensuring that we have communicated properly and adequately to the best of our ability. If even though, people still are misinterpreting what we say, who we are, and what we stand for, we can at least know and rest assured, we did try our best and we will be able to keep improving.

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