NLP PRESUPPOSITION 12: There are no incapable people, only unhelpful states.

This is an important one and we already start with the powerful Title that it has.

In life we can either choose to get in panic and depressed due to the current situation we are in life, or, we can ask ourselves what is that we need to learn, or do, or think, to improve the current situation and reach closer to where we want to be. This is empowering, disempowered people tend to wait for the world around them to chance so that they can have a better life, while empowered people make the changes needed to improve and live a better life!

Everyone is capable to do whatever they put in their minds, certain states are unhelpful in order to achieve our desires like melancholy, stress, anxiety, depression… All of these and a couple others, won’t bring you a positive change in general. Things only change in your life if you make them happen. As Tony Robbins says, if you want diffrent results, do diffently!

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