NLP PRESUPPOSITION #1: Everyone’s paradigm of the world is RIGHT in their eyes.

PRESUPPOSITION 1: Everyone’s paradigm of the world is RIGHT in their eyes.

According to what Kain Ramsay resumes on presupposition #1, it is not really relevant the way other people are being towards us, what they say, believe, or how we feel they are towards us. In all of this, what really matters is that we are able to acknowledge that everyone is ‘correct’ in their own eyes, as it is their reality.

It is rather easy to judge others on what they say, or on what they do, specially if we find it offensive, against our values, immoral or ‘wrong’. Nevertheless, if we abstain to judge them (in theory no one likes to be judge) and we accept what they say that is the ‘right’ way of thinking, they might allow us to challenge their thought process in order for them to explain why do they believe in what they believe, thus making it easier for us to get a better understanding and maybe allowing them to reconsider by becoming aware of what they believe in a deeper level.

Our goal here is to help people think and expand their mindsets, not by judging, as this creates a barrier and destroys rapport and any type of influence we might have, but actually by making the right questions at the right time, regardless of the way they see the world might affect us (emotional intelligence comes very in handy in these circumstances).

This post is a sequence of posts on the section of 17 Presuppositions of NLP from a Udemy course by Kain Ramsay.

If you would like to take part on this course and learn how to improve the way you see the world by understanding how people’s brain works, click here to go directly to the course page on Udemy.

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