17 Presuppositions of NLP – By Kain Ramsay

We at The Builder Hero, find it extremely essential to have a strong base in order for your business to succeed digitally. How would you intend to build your empire if your base is not strong and reliable to hold its structure? Besides, most businesses won’t start being profitable until the strong base is laid down properly, so stay tuned!

For that we are starting this set of post on a very interesting topic which is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which basically is a science that looks to understand why people act the way they act, do things the way they do in order to better understand what it takes and what are the steps for us to be able to achieve what we want with more ease. NLP is also extremely effective in creating better relationships with people and how to better influence for a good purpose, so basically, it can be used in all areas of life.

Now, we will be bringing you in the next couple posts the 17 Presuppositions of NLP in which will help you to look into life and opportunities in a better set of lenses. Most of us, grow without some of this knowledge and it is normal that we tend to be negative in certain areas and certain aspects, that is one of the main purposes of these 17 Presuppositions of NLP. To help you have a better mindset and more positive approach regarding your relationships and opportunities, allowing you to take the best out of them.

Here is the description that Kain Ramsay gives to these 17 Presuppositions of NLP:

NLP is a methodology for modeling excellence, and NLP presuppositions are not beliefs, laws, governing rules or regulations, but are attitudes that lead to excellence. NLP presuppositions are an unbiased and compelling set of beliefs that one can choose to incorporate into their lives, either personally or as an NLP professional helping a client.

Operating from one or more of these presuppositions when interacting with other people, friends, colleagues, or working with clients, can be a massively empowering basis from which to facilitate change in an endless number of ways. When a practitioner presupposes something, they assume that something is true and then build upon that idea. But it is important to remember that NLP’s primary focus is not on whether a specific belief is true or not, but rather on how effective it is as a means to attaining or achieving a specific desire or goal.

Stay tunned as we will start with them on the next couple posts

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